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  • Multiplex FunRacer Orange Edition RR (PNP)

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    The MULTIPLEX FunRacer is a sporty racing aircraft that not only looks good, but also fantastic flying. In developing out attention was paid to realize a straightforward model with a lot of fun factor and a high degree of prefabrication.
    The Funracer is the ideal model for club races, dogfights or season flights with colleagues.
    He has tremendous speed range and is always kept safe and comfortable to drive. The FunRacer is available in two versions RR, once finished with typical multiplex orange, or in pure white ELAPOR. So one has to realize his own color ideas by ELAPOR-color option.


    Spectacular maximum speed of 165 Km / h from the package
    Very neutral flying characteristics
    Ready painted and decorated or white (decorative sticker attached) available
    Easy to transport due to removable wings
    Convenient battery swap the canopy
    High BL-motor, controller
    Digital metal gear servos for elevator, rudder and ailerons already completed built
    Very high degree of prefabrication: horizontal stabilizer mount, install, fly recipient.

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