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  • Multiplex FunCub NG Kit

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    The Multiplex FunCub 'first generation' was an easy machine, light, very agile and pleasant to drive, which became (and still is) very popular among many modelists. However, Multiplex now comes with an even better, improved version of this buddy: The FUNCUB Next Generation is a brand new machine, which takes over and improves the qualities of the previous model, and adds many evolutions: the new wing (1.41m wingspan, in two parts) is now more rigidity and lightness, and easy to fix using the Multitool tool provided with the plane. For aerobatic flying, which this Funcub NR certainly is capable of, the included shrouds are recommended to be put on, however the model can be flown without them. The new landing gear features sturdy double legs in welded steel. FUN guaranteed!


    Models Material: Elapor
    Wingspan in mm: 1410
    Flaps, towing hook
    Electric flight weight in grams: 1380
    Flight time in minutes: 8 (depends on battery choice)
    Total area load g per qdm: 35
    Total area in qdm: 40
    Battery types / cells: 3S LiPo

    Needed to complete:

    Drive Set: motor + ESC 40A
    Servo's: 4 x Hitec HS-55 and 2 x Hitec HS-65HB optional towing hook servo
    Lipo battery with MPX plug (or use the recommended adapter cable, very easy!)
    Lipo Charger
    Zacki elapor glue or Equivalent

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