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Creality – Sermoon V1 3D Printer

30,499.99 28,999.99
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Creality Sermoon V1 is fully assembled with Sprite Direct Drive 3D Printer is ready to print Leveling-free, Assembly-free, “Sprite” Direct Extruder, APP remote control & monitoring, the silent operation which noises are lower than 45dB, and the biggest print size which is 175 x 175 x 165 mm.


  1. Print Out Of Box: Factory-ready levelling and testing,  all you need is to print out of the box
  2. Remote Printing & Monitoring: Use the Creality Cloud APP to remotely operate and print, and monitor the printing situation through the camera, everything is under control (*The monitoring camera is only available on the Pro version)
  3. Silent Printing: With super silent fans, the 4-axis silent IC mainboard ensures no indoor disturbances during operation
  4. Automatic Feed/ Return: Smart one-button controls enable automatic feed/ return, reducing the difficulty of manual operations and preventing blockages
  5. Fully Enclosed Chassis: The fully enclosed chassis is safe and stable,  and features a multi-faceted transparent visual design. Convenient to view at any time
  6. Intelligent Door: The safety sensor is triggered as soon as the door is opened, pausing the printing process and quickly cooling down the device, safe for kids or pets (*This feature is only available on the Pro version)
  7. Quick-Disassembly Platform: Bendable metal magnetic platform provides highly stable printing, and easier to take out the mould
  8. Sprite Direct Drive: The exquisite and patented sprite direct drive with powerful energy and good quality prints
  9. Quick-Disassembly Nozzle: Convenient disassembly and assembly improve the efficiency of component replacement, facilitates nozzle maintenance, and improve your 3D printing success rate.
  10. Tax extra as applicable