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Falcon Premium Model Engine Fuel

The finest Nitro Fuel now available in India at never before prices. No need to run around or worry about Nitro fuel sourcing or blending your own fuel using local raw materials which will give starting problems and degrade internal parts. Easily hand start your engine using chicken stick due to zero impurities and Zero moisture content in the fuel.

Falcon fuel will provide steady idling speed and transition from low to high throttle will be very smooth. With almost ZERO dead sticks, users have been delighted to get 100% performance from their engines which they had never experienced earlier. 

Falcon Fuel started production of Premium Nitro Fuel in the year 1960 and has been refining the product range to give maximum engine performance.
Falcon Fuel is available in all variants for Aircrafts, Helicopters, Cars and Boats.

Please feel free to contact us in case of any query.