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Thunder Tiger Raptor 30 V2 Nitro Helicopter PNP

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The Easiest Way To Enjoy Nitro Heli

This is a 95% assembled and ready to fly nitro helicopter.
Thunder Tiger is giving a total solution and you worry about nothing but how to get the helicopter into the air.

Thunder Tiger Raptor series helicopter were designed and engineered by world-renowned Mr. Shigetada Taya from Japan. 
Since the introduction of the original Raptor 30, it has been the most popular 30-size helicopter and helped pilots learn new 3-D maneuvers the world over.

Thunder Tiger also developed a new PRO-39H(R) ringed engine for the 30-size helicopters. 
The new PRO-39H(R) delivers much sharper transition characteristics and, combined with a new carburetor, the engine is much easier to adjust to match your preferred settings. 

The new engine produces much more power than any other available 30-size engines and once mounted on the Raptor 30 V2, the heli opens up a complete new experience in its own class.

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New Raptor 30 V2

Rugged Collective Pitch Control Arm Solid 6mm Spindle Wider Tank with 340cc Capacity


Stable in air Flying Invert Flying vertical Invert


1. Rugged Collective Pitch Control Arm

2. 6mm Engine Starting Shaft

3. Solid 6mm Spindle

4. Oversized Tai Rotor Grip as R60

5. Lengthened Vertical Fin by 10mm

6. Rigid Boom Support With Plastic End

7. Wider Tank with 340cc Capacity


Full Length of Fuselage : 45.27" (1150mm)
Full Width of Fuselage   : 5.51" (140mm)
Total Height                      : 15.75" (400mm)
Main Rotor Dia                 : 49" (1245mm)
Tail Rotor Dia                    : 9.3" (236mm)
Gear Ratio                         : 9.56:1:4.57
Full Equipped Weight     : 6.6 lbs (3000g)
Engine                                : Pro.39H (R)

Items Included

1.Raptor 30 V2 x 1

2.PRO-39H(R) x 1

4.S1903 Standard Servo x 4

5.DS0606 Digital Rudder Servo x 1

6.TG-7000 Heading Lock Gyro x 1

 -Digital radio Ace RC 6ch with Reciver , Battery & charger

-Nitro Fuel minimum 25% 5 litre

Required but not included

-Field Equiptments
.Engine Starter minimum 90 size
.Starter Hex 6mm
.Glow plug booster with charger
.Fuel Pump with fuel tubing