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    The Crack Turbo Beaver represents the ultimate

    in RC fun!

    Equally at home in bush style flying and

    extreme 3D, the Crack Turbo Beaver is

    also surprisingly precise and

    offers unparalleled durability.

    The huge EPP tires easily roll over

    gravel, dirt, rocks, tall grass, and other airplanes.

    The unique X-shaped fuselage design adds

    scale looks in the air as well as high

    stiffness with no need for additional

    carbon bracing, While the rolled cowl 

    and canopy add to the scale

    outline and lend tremendous

    strength to the front of the aircraft.

    Designed and developed by Twisted Hobbys

    team members Chris Jewett and Cody Wojcik,

    the Crack Turbo Beaver takes the extreme

    design philosophy that produced the

    renowned Crack Yak,

    Crack Pitts, and Crack Laser and gives the

    Crack treatment to the famous DeHavilland

    Turbo Beaver bush plane.

    The result is just about as much fun as you can

    have with an RC airplane!

    Harriers, hovers, knife-edge, rolling harriers,

    flat spins, snap rolls, and other 


    aerobatics compliment the traditional loops and

    barrel rolls you would expect from a

    high-wing plane.

    The high wing placement means that the

    Crack Turbo Beaver is also very stable,

    and makes a great

    beginner's aircraft, or is just lazily

    cruising around

    the back yard. Of course,

    Being nearly indestructible means you can fly

    between trees, spot-land on your picnic table,

    and try other crazy things that you'd never do

    with a balsa airplane. Equipped with

    four 7-gram servos,

    a 2s-3s 350-650mah battery,

    and 19-26 gram motor,

    The Crack Turbo Beaver is exceptionally

    versatile and will fly well on a wide variety 

    of equipment and CG placements.

    Of course, Twisted Hobbys keeps

    everything simple as always with a proven

    plug-and-play power combo

    that provides great performance at a

    reasonable price.

    Pair your Crack Turbo Beaver with

    any computerized

    5+ channel radio and enable

    flaperons and spoilerons

    for even more fun and capability!

    Near-vertical stalled descents with

    the spoilers up,

    low-speed scale flying with

    the flaps down,

    and super-tight loops with

    the flaps mixed to the

    elevator add even more depth

    to the CTB's repertoire


    Wing span: 880 mm
    Lenght: 800 mm
    AUW: up to 230 g
    Motor: 80 - 120 W
    ESC: 10A
    Servo: 4 x 7 - 9g
    Battery: 3S 450 - 720mAh
    Propeller: 8/4


    • Kit without equipment set - see photo
    • Tax extra as applicable.