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  • Rapicon Aero 1% 4 Ltr.

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    Rapicon is used by professionals at the pinnacle of all forms of the RC sport, including World Champions, and World famous Demonstration pilots. Quite simply no other fuel offers the same level of performance, flexibility, value and quality.

    Whether you are just starting out in the hobby or require the best possible performance from your RC equipment you can rely on Rapicon to provide consistent results and ease of use. Rapicon has been blended to work with today’s modern breed of engines and provide long lasting protection and incorporates high quality chemical compositions blended with the latest technology. This offers significant advantages which are readily recognised by some of the World’s leading RC pilots and drivers.

    Rapicon works closely with pilots and drivers around the world to ensure that their fuels offer the very best performance across a broad variety of climates and environments.

    Excellent general purpose fuel, contains 18% synthetic oil pack with 1% nitromethane to ensure good performance, throttle response and consistent running. Contains a unique combination of anti oxidants, detergents and ignition agents

    • Blend : Rapicon Special 1%
    • Stroke : 2-Stroke
    • Lube : 18%
    • Viscosity : Standard

    All of which offer the following benefits:

    • Contains a corrosion inhibitor (Rust Inhibitor)
    • Reduced carbon deposits
    • Cleaner exhaust gases and residue
    • Improved RPMs and torque
    • Easier tuning
    • Less detonation and quieter running improved cooling
    • Even idle performance
    • Consistent running
    • Advanced technology provides enhanced protection against wear, and
    • high temperature oxidation

    Engineered like no other plane fuel

    We could go on about quality ingredients, technical flannel etc, but at the end of the day you will feel the difference the minute you start using it. And that’s all that matters.

    Remember also that Rapicon is sold in 4 litre containers, not the smaller US gallon (3.78litres) as with other imported fuels.

    Meaning you get more fuel for your money!

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