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O.S. MAX .65 Blue RC Airplane Engine

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Tired of all those electric planes infesting your local Flying club? 

Switch to Nitro Engines, we have a wide range of fuel and Engine variants and No need to worry about expensive batteries here. Just re-fuel and you're off

Screaming through the sky all day with our Fuel and OS Glow engines. Forget the Electric kids Stuff.

This is the OS Engines 65LA non-ring .65 glow engine, with 60J carburetor, and included E4010 Muffler.


  • More cooling fin area extends the life of the engine, and virtually eliminates engine seizures in the air
  • Added "webbing" on the crankcase strengthens high-stress areas to help ensure that they stand up to the rigors of learning to fly
  • Overall tighter needle valve fit utilizes an "O" ring to help maintain the performance levels you need
  • A fuel inlet that points up allows for easier fuel line access for fueling and defueling


  • Engine: 65LA   
  • Displacement (cu in): 0.662 (10.85 cc)     
  • Bore (in): 0.944 (24 mm)   
  • Stroke (in): 0.925 (23.5 mm)   
  • RPM: 2,000-16,000   
  • Output (HP@rpm): 1.7 @ 16,000  
  • Weight (oz): 18.0 (510 g) 
  • Recommended Props: 12x7, 12x8, 13x6, 13x7, 13x8