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Orange 3300mAh 3S 45C (11.1 V) Hard-case Lithium Polymer Battery Pack (Li-Po)

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Orange 3300mAh 3S 45C (11.1 V) Lithium Polymer Battery Pack ,batteries are known for performance, reliability, and price. It’s no surprise to us that Orange Lithium polymer packs are the go-to pack for those in the know. Orange batteries deliver the full rated capacity at a price everyone can afford. Orange 3300mAh 3S 45C (11.1 V)mm Lithium Polymer Battery Pack  batteries are equipped with heavy-duty discharge leads to minimize resistance and sustain high current loads.

Orange batteries stand up to the punishing extremes of aerobatic flight and RC vehicles. Each pack is equipped with female T-connector. All Orange Lithium Polymer batteries packs are assembled using IR matched cells. You won’t find a better deal than this in Lithium Polymer batteries anywhere!

A lithium-polymer battery (Li-Po) is a rechargeable battery that, in the case of true Li-Po, uses solid polymer for the electrolyte and lithium for one of the electrodes. Commercially available Li-Po are hybrids: gel polymer or liquid electrolyte in a pouch format, more accurately termed a lithium ion polymer battery.

Li-polymer batteries are more rigid and lightweight. These batteries also have a lower chance of leaking due to their gel-like characteristic. However, these batteries cannot evade the memory effect issue. The gel-like material gets harder over time resulting in shorter life span.


  1. Electronic projects
  2. Small and large appliances
  3. Electric vehicles and electrical energy storage systems
  4. Portable electronics devices
  5. RC Applications

Safety Precautions:

  1. Avoid over-charging or over-discharge batteries
  2. Do not put it besides the high-temperature condition
  3. Don’t directly expose it into the fire
  4. Avoid the contact of water.
  5. Do not Short Circuit the battery Terminals

Features :

  1. The Orange Li-Po battery has matched resistance.
  2. Good Temperature Control.
  3. Minimum weight in Class
  4. Best Li-Po Battery for your project
  5. Easy to Use
  6. Highly efficient
  7. Long life with proper uses


  1. Product: Orange Hard-case Li-Po Battery
  2. Cell: 3S
  3. Capacity (mAh): 3300mAh
  4. Output Voltage (VDC): 11.1V
  5. Discharge Plug: Female T-connector
  6. Balance Plug: JST-XH
  7. Max. Charge Rate: 45C
  8. Product Weight: 282g
  9. Product Dimensions: 13.7 x 4.5 x 3.4mm

Package Includes :

1 x Orange 3300mAh 3S 45C (11.1 V) Hard-case Lithium Polymer Battery Pack (Li-Po)

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