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Cool Power Heli Fuel Nitro 16%

479.99 369.99

Special Heli fuel makes engine starting and tuning much easier and you can get the maximum rpm without compromising the engine longevity. This is the basic requirement in order to enjoy these little marvels at full power.

The clean burning lube keeps the moving parts well lubricated at all times and prevents gumming tar formation which works even while it is not in use to protect the internal parts. This also helps in keeping the delicate glow plug head wire made of platinum to be clean and shining like new, free of tar/ soot deposits aiding in optimum combustion and reduces the possibility of dead glow plugs to a great extent.

This nitro glow fuel contains 16% nitromethane.

Oil content - 20%

Contents - 1 Litre

Tax extra as applicable.