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Nitro Glow Engine .46

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Thunder Tiger first introduced the well-known Pro-46 in 1992, from then Pro-46 has been the standard of 2-stroke aircraft engines.

To be the great Pro-46’s successor, the NEW Pro-46 inherits the incredible and reliable performance, and has many new features making for better durability and easier maintenance.

The NEW Pro-46 continues to be the standard where the original Pro-46 left off. 
If you have owned PRO-46 or have been ready to take the next step up to nitro aircraft for saving inconvenient battery charging,

NEW Pro-46 is yet another, the successor of standard maker. 

• Balancing Heat-Spreading design enhances cooling 
• Non-seizing flange mount carburettor 
• Steel inserted lightweight composite backplate 
• New crankcase for casting quality and structural strength 
• Thunder Tiger’s swept back needle valve design for safety 
• Mixture screw and HS needle valve adjustment at same side 
• Precision ball bearings 
• High performance streamlined muffler 
• Knife Edged 7075 Aluminium connecting rod 
• High silicon CNC machined piston 
• XC2 (Extreme Composite Coating) cylinder 
• Redline R2 glow plug included 


Bore : 21.8mm
Displacement : 7.47cc
Power : 1.60 hp @ 16.000 rpm
Practical RPM : 2,000 - 17,000 rpm
Stroke : 20.0mm
Weight : 464.5g

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