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  • Multiplex RaceWulf RR

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    Multiplex Race Wulf RR

    The RaceWulf from MULTIPLEX is a very sporty competition aircraft based on the Focke Wulf FW 190. During development, our main aim was to produce a model that was as uncomplicated as possible, with fantastic flying qualities and that was as good as ready to fly out of the box. It is the ideal model for dogfights, flying in a squadron with colleagues or for fun in the evening after work. The perfect playmate for the FunRacer The RaceWulf offers an extremely wide speed range and at the same time a high degree of precision and safety.

    Spectacular speed and manoeuvrability
    Very neutral flight behavior
    Finished lacquered and decorated
    Easy to transport due to removable wings
    Comfortable battery change through the cabin hood
    High-performance brushless motor and regulator
    Metal geared servos for elevator, lateral and ailerons already fully installed
    Very high degree of prefabrication: mount height stabilizer, install receiver, fly

    Needed to complete :
    3s 2200-2800mAh LiPo Battery
    General equipment : radio/receiver, charger,…


    Wingspan: 950mm
    Length: 865
    RC funtions: 4
    Weight (RTF): approx. 1100g

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