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  • Multiplex EasyStar 3 Kit

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    Multiplex Easystar 3 KIT - beginner aircraft

    The legendary Easystar 1 & Easystar 2 from Multiplex Modelsport are world famous as high quality and very reliable beginner planes, with which many pilots have taken their first steps in the world of model flying. The Easystar 3 is the result of years of improvements compared to the first 2 versions. The renewed design made of special Elapor is durable, has good flying and floating properties and the push propeller also makes it safe to use. With the correct battery (see recommended accessories) you can stay in the air for up to 40 minutes. This Easystar 3 is equipped with ailerons, elevator and rudder, the three main control channels you should learn to use, and of course the electric motor. The Easystar 3 is a very good choice for the beginner, both young and old!


    Model character: Electric glider
    Models Material: Elapor
    Level: 1 Beginner
    Wingspan in mm: 1366
    RC functions: Elevator / Aileron / Rudder / Throttle
    Electric flight weight in grams: 700
    Flight time in minutes: 40
    Total wing loading g per qdm: 25
    Battery types / cells: 3S LiPo
    Construction time in min .: 180

    Needed to complete (not included, see related products):

    Transmitter & receiver
    Motor, ESC.

    Lipo battery 3S 2200mAh

    Servos x 4

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