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  • Monokote Sky Blue

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    MonoKote is commercially available lightweight plastic shrink wrap film available in various colors. It has a heat-activated adhesive on one side and is used to cover the surfaces of a model aircraft. The material is cut to size and applied to the airframe surfaces using a hobby iron and heat gun. Top Flite brand MonoKote's superior shrink and adhesion make it an extremely easy plastic covering to apply. And once applied, its special adhesive gets a grip that not even years of accumulated exhaust residue can break. MonoKote is also one of the most puncture and scratch-resistant films on the market - qualities you'll find in all of the rich, vibrant colors available. MonoKote is a thin, clear, protective film with a pigmented, heat-activated adhesive on the back specially formulated for model airplanes. MonoKote is applied with a sealing iron. Heat from the iron shrinks the film while simultaneously activating the adhesive tightly bonding it to your model. When MonoKote is not heated, the adhesive is not sticky. The adhesive side has a clear, protective backing that must be removed before application.

    For information and tips on applying MonoKote covering, you can refer to the MonoKote Covering Tips and Instructions on the Manuals and Support tab, or you can view and download the file here: MonoKote Covering Tips and Instructions


    • Can be applied quickly and easily using a heat gun or sealing iron for professional-quality results.
    • Extra pliable — conforms readily to compound curves for a wrinkle-free finish.
    • Puncture-resistant and easy to repair. Small "dents" disappear just by reheating!
    • Allows easy cleanup of smudges or exhaust residue using detergent and water or Top Flite MonoKote Cleaner Polish

    Temperature Ranges:

    • Attaching to Wood: 215-240° F (102-116° C)
    • Partial Shrinkage: 230-270° F (110-132° C)
    • Maximum Shrinkage: 270-350° F (132-177° C)
    • Color - Sky Blue
    • Size 6' x 26''
    • Tax extra as applicable