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JR DS8911 High Torque Digital Servo 25kg.

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Suitable for use in large 3D and precision aerobatic models, the DS8911 has metal gears and 25kg of torque, but doesn't compromise the speed. Supplied with mounting hardware and additional servo output arms.

Please note: The DS8911 can only be used at 4.8v.

Speed: 0.19s/60°
Weight: 69g
Voltage: 4.8v
Dimensions: 38 x 21 x 40.5mm

About Servos Manufactured by JR Propo:
If used on a large control surface - typically aileron, rudder, elevator or flap on an Airplane. Digital Servos (DS / MP / MPH series) may move slightly around centre while on the ground, this is normal and will not occur in flight. 

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