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Hex Pixhawk 2.1 cube PX4 PIX 32 Bit Flight Controller Autopilot

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The Cube Orange Standard Set + ADS-B  flight controller comes with an H7 processor, features a 1,090 MHz ADS-B receiver from Avionic, automatically avoids aircraft and Is integrated into the new ADS-B carrier board!

Through the parameter setting, the autopilot can optionally set up the cube to allow the vehicle to automatically avoid an aircraft that is detected in an exclusion zone set by the pilot.


  1. Built-in IMU Heating system, allowing flights at extreme temperature (below freezing)
  2. Robust DF17 Interface connectors give enhanced drop and shock resistance
  3. Air-frames: VTOL, Plane, Multi-copter, Traditional Heli, Rover, Boat, Sub, General Robotics

The Cube Orange

  1. Cube Orange targets education, amateur drones lovers, and professionals with cost-effective flight control hardware.
  2. Includes new generation of more powerful H7 processor, with stronger performance, faster processing, increased security with built-in
  3. triple-redundant sensors, temperature control shock absorption IMU.
  4. With the help of flight software, Cube Orange can completely fly any remotely controlled aircraft, helicopter or multi-rotor vehicle and turn it into a more professional UAV platform.

ADS-B Carrier Board

  1. A standard carrier board with an integrated 1090MHz ADS-B receiver allowing the software to receive information about the location of manned aircraft in the area.
  2. Receives information such as position, altitude, speed, etc, which can all be viewed in Mission Planner.
  3. Through settings, you can optionally set up your cube to allow the vehicle to automatically avoid aircraft that are within an exclusion zone set by you


  1. Sensors: Accelerometer, Gyroscope, Compass, Barometric Pressure Sensor
  2. Power input voltage/rated input current: 4.1-5.7 V / 2.5 A
  3. Power rated output/input power: 14 W
  4. USB port input voltage/rated input current: 4-5.7 V / 250 mA
  5. Servo rail input voltage: 3.3 V / 5 V
  6. Not waterproof. External waterproof protection is needed
  7. Operation Temperature: -10 °C / 55 °C
  8. Cube Orange Housing Material: CNC Aluminum Alloy
  9. Standard Carrier Board Housing Material: ABS Molding

Packages includes:

1 x Hex Pixhawk 2.1 cube PX4 PIX 32 Bit Flight Controller Autopilot

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