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  • H-King Night Walrus Glider w/Flaps EPO 1400mm (PNF)

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    The Walrus is an exceptionally stable flyer and great fun to fly, but as brilliant as the Walrus is, the fun was over when the sunset for the day.  Well, not anymore because you will be lighting up the sky with the Night Walrus. 

    Easy to assemble like the original, amazing to fly, with the pre-installed LED system running throughout the model a new element has been added to this classic.

    But it's not only the LEDs that are new, but the airframe itself has also been strengthened and the components upgraded.  The fuselage now sports a reinforced plastic belly pan strengthening the fuselage and giving extra model protection for those not so perfect landings.  The motor has been upgraded from 2212 1350KV to a 2215 1100KV which gives more torque and the ESC has also been upgraded. To aid cooling to the improved drive train additional cooling has been incorporated into the design.

    The pre-installed LED system is powered by simply connecting the LED power lead to an additional connection from the ESC giving you a full 12 volts supply from the lipo/ESC giving you the brightest LEDs around.  

    The Night Walrus is a great model for day or night and it's sure to become that "go-to" model that everyone just loves to fly.


    • Plug and Fly - Just add your own battery & radio and fly!
    • Super Tough EPO Foam Construction
    • Easy and Fast to Assemble
    • Flaps Fitted 
    • Wide Flight Envelope
    • 2pc Plug-In Wing for Easy Transport
    • Super bright LED for night flying orientation
    • Stiff Wing with CF Joiner


    Wingspan: 1400mm
    Length: 1036mm
    ESC: 30A
    Motor: 2215 1100KV Brushless Outrunner 
    Propeller: 9" x 5" folding type
    Servo: 9g x 6


    Requires: (Not Included)
    Radio: 6 channel radio system
    Battery: 11.1V 3S 2200mAh 25C Lipoly
    Battery Charger

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