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  • Futaba HBC-3C(4) 6V TX 6V RX Wall Charger 16SZ 14SG 12K 10J 8J 6J 4PX 4PKSR 4PL 3PV (AC220V Input)

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    This is the HBC-3C(4) Battery Charger for the Futaba 16SZ/14SG/12K/10J/8J/6J/4PX/4PK/4PKS/4PKSR/4PL/4PLS Radio System.

    Overnight wall charger simultaneously charges NiMh transmitter and NiCd receiver batteries.
    Separate LED charging lights.

    Input: ~230V AC, 50Hz, 5W
    Output: TX 6V DC 170mA and RX 6V DC 100mA

    When charging the batteries, allow about 15 hours for charging. If battery has not been used for a while, cycle it by charging and discharging two or three times.