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FMS RC Airplane Gyro Reflex Flight Control System

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The FMS Reflex system is programmed specifically for the aircraft it is connected to. No further programming is needed. The user only needs to connect their receiver to the gyro and set up the aircraft normally.

Reflex V2 can be reprogrammed easily with different model files via a simple software-allowing pilots to use the same flight control unit as they progress to different aircraft. Flying is simple when you have your very own “co-pilot”- the Reflex V2!


  1. 3 flight modes are available: Stabilized, Optimized or off. This is controlled with a 2 or 3 position switch on the transmitter. When assigned to a 2 position switch, the Reflex system switches between stabilized and optimized modes.
  2. Stabilized Mode – Designed for beginners, Reflex will rapidly level the aircraft from any attitude when this mode is activated. Stabilized mode combines accelerometer and gyro data to determine how to level the aircraft when the control sticks are released- giving pilots absolute peace of mind.
  3. OFF – Turns off all gyro functionality, the aircraft is flown completely manually when the gyro is off.
  4. Optimized Mode – Utilizing advanced solid-state gyros, the Reflex system maintains aircraft attitude by counteracting inflight upsets- from gusts to crosswinds.


  1. Suitable For FMS 1.2M Ranger Plane.
  2. Utilizes a high-speed 32-bit ARM processor onboard.
  3. 3 axis gyro and 3 axes accelerometer.
  4. 3 flight modes are available: Stabilized, Optimized, or off.
  5. Automatically recognizes SBUS/PPM/PWM systems, compatible with all radio systems with 4 channels or above.
  6. Easy operation.

Package Includes :

1 x FMS RC Airplane Gyro Reflex Flight Control System

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