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  • DLE170M Paramotor Engine Paragliding Engine 17.5HP/7500rpm Electric Start

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    1.This engine is not toy. For your own safety, please read the manual carefully before operation.
    2.Before every use, check the engine assembly, propeller and airframe carefully for loose screws and nuts. (Loctite242、243) is strongly recommended on all the screws.
    3.During the break-in process, engine must running with shock absorber installed. Or the engine will be seriously damaged by vibration.
    4.Always stand clear of and behind the propeller; never allow anyone including yourself, to be in front of or to the sides of the propeller when starting or running the engine. Anyone near the engine should wear protective eyewear. Do not wear loose clothing near the engine or propeller.

    Engine Features:
    1.Performance: 17.5HP / 7500rpm
    2.Idle speed: 1100 rpm
    3.Rally 45Kg / 100 meters above sea
    4.Rally 38Kg / 1,800 meters above sea
    5.Propeller Applicable specification: 30×12;30×10;
    6.Model for a spark plug: NGK CM6

    Engine Parameter:
    1.Displacement: 170cm3
    2.Bore × Stroke:52mm × 40mm
    3.Compression ratio: 9.5: 1
    4.Lubrication ratio: 30: 1
    5.Weight: 6KG
    6.Ignition voltage: 4.8V-12V