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  • DLE128HD Drone Engine 7.4kw Water-Cooled Hybrid Electricity Generator Gasoline Engine Electric Kit

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    Engine parameters
    Horizontally opposed double cylinder water cooling
    Displacement: 128cm3
    Cylinder bore × Stroke: 47mm × 35mm
    Power: 12HP / 8300 rpm
    Idle speed: 3500-6000 rpm
    Engine weighs 6.2kg
    Cooling system: 2kg (including 800ml coolant)

    Generator parameters
    Three phase permanent magnet generator
    voltage: ac50v, rectifier is dc50v
    Frequency: non fixed frequency type, changing with engine speed, frequency following changes
    power: 7.4kw
    Starting mode: external handheld starter, power 1000W, user needs to install 3s12v lithium battery capacity 3300MA-4200MA。
    Ignition mode: 12vcdi DC ignition, power 4W
    Circulating water pump: DC12V, power 15W
    Throttle controller: DC12V, power 1W
    Spark plug model: CMR 6m, please use M14 special sleeve tool to remove and tighten the spark plug The torque is 7-8n / m. please insert the high-pressure cap with force. The spark plug can't be seen when it is installed in place When using the high pressure cap, please gently pry the stainless steel Shell flanging with a slotted screwdriver

    Fuel: ordinary vehicle gasoline is mixed with special lubricating oil for 2-stroke engine. The mixing ratio is 30:1 (30 l gasoline to 1 l lubricating oil). Please do not change the above ratio by yourself. Recommended lubricant brands: Total 2T, motor 710, torco gp-7, mercury TCw. It is forbidden to mix different brands of lubricants.

    Engine operating temperature - 20 ℃ /50 ℃
    Waterproof grade: IP43