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  • DLE 120T4 Four Cylinder Gasoline Engine

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    DLE120T4 120cc four cylinder gasoline aeromodel engine, launched in May 2020, is a four cylinder two-stroke piston engine, which is currently the smallest displacement four cylinder aeromodel engine of DLE. It runs on clean 92 unleaded gasoline and above, and the ratio of fuel to engine oil is 30:1. 

    Performance: 12HP/7500rpm
    Idle Speed: 1200rpm/min
    Static Thrust:26.5kg / Altitude100 meters
    Propeller: 27×10, 26×12, 28×10
    Spark Plug Type:NGK, CM6
    Exhaust Amount: 122 ccm
    Diameter × stroke: 36mm×30mm
    Compression Ratio: 7.1:1
    Lubrication Ratio: 30:1
    Weight of Main Engine:2960g
    Weight of Exhaust:500g
    Weight of lgnition:140g
    Lgnition voltage:4.8v-8.4v