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3 Function Switch w/UBEC, Voltage Display

1,599.99 1,399.99

The 3 Function Switch features a built-in 5 Amp multi-voltage UBEC and an ultra high brightness LED voltage display which is clearly visible in direct sunshine. It displays in real time, both the UBEC input and output voltages.


Input voltage range is 7-13V, which can be directly supplied by Lithium, NiMh, or NiCd cells. Suggest battery with JST connector.


The UBEC output voltage is switchable between 5.2 or 6V. 

• Molded plastic case
• Heavy duty 22awg leads
• Easy mounting tabs
• Selectable output voltage
• Displays both input and output voltage


Input voltage: 6—13V
Output voltage: 5.2/6V 
Output current: 5 Amps (MAX: 8A)
Weight: 28g
Volume: 40mm  x 27mm  x 35mm

Tax extra as applicable.