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Nitro Glow Fuel Break - In Formula with special Additives

499.99 399.99

This is a specialized blend of break-in fuel used for breaking in a new or re-pinched engine. It is a customized oil package that performs a basic lapping effect and seats the piston and sleeve in a quart or less instead of taking 1-2 gallons of fuel.

For a new engine, we suggest running 1 quart of this specialized fuel through the engine on a break-in stand or lightly in your vehicle using the heat cycle method (**Please note we suggest always preheating your engine), which will complete 80-90% of the complete break-in process.

For a re-pinched engine with a Medium - Tight pinch, 1/2 quart of this specialized fuel will complete 90% of the re-break-in process.

** Please note this specialized fuel is only meant for engine break-in, and not for racing. Please only use the amount of the fuel listed above for new and re-pinched engines, or it will wear out and kill the engine.