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  • Seagull Jumper 25

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    Ready to Fly model with OS25 Engine and Servos.

    Seagull Jumper 25-32 Trainer ARF

    The Seagull jumper 25-32 trainer is a superbly medium sized aircraft suitable for any beginner. The subtly crafted semi-symmetrical wing profile makes it easy to handle at low speed and there’s plenty of power when using a trusty SC25 for initial aerobatics training too. This model is characterized by beautiful features such as laser-cut parts, covered and finished with pinned hinges, steerable nose gear, and fitted pushrods/servo trays.


    Experience level Beginner
    Wingspan 139 cm / 55 in
    Wing area 31 / 480
    Overall length 103 cm / 41 in
    Flying weight 2.5-2.8 kg /4.9-5.5 lb
    Power system 2.5-3.2 2 stroke
    Radio 4 channels
    Servos 4
    CG (Centre of Gravity) 7.5cm back from the leading edge of the wing 7.5cm back from the leading edge of the wing