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  • Boomerang 40 with 1 litre Nitro Fuel

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    Build and create your own masterpiece with the Seagull Boomerang 40 Plane Kit.
    • Laser cut balsa and ply parts
    • Engine Mount
    • Wood Glue
    • High quality hardware (Control horns, pushrod, wheels, spinner)
    • Suits .46-.55 nitro engine or equivalent electric conversion

    The Seagull Boomerang 40 Kit is the perfect start for both your building and flying experience! Don’t just be a flyer, be a modeller with this laser cut kit from Seagull. Whether you’re a first time modeller or a seasoned hobbyist, the Boomerang is a most enjoyable model to build and fly.

    The Boomerang is a 40 sized high wing trainer with an exceptional reputation for being a stable platform to learn on and to progress onto sport aerobatics. The kit shown here has high quality laser cut components that fit seamlessly together without the need to spend hours sanding to match parts up. Don’t like the colour scheme or covering choice of the ARF Boomerang? The kit is the answer, choose to cover it in any colour you can dream of in any brand or type of covering!

    What you Need
    • Transmitter. We recommend the Spektrum DX6i (SPM66301AU, or SPM6630)
    • 40-46 2-Stroke Engine. We recommend the OS Engines MAX-46AX (OSM15490)
    • Servos. We recommend the JR ES539 Servo (JRPS539)
    • Propeller. We recommend the APC 11 x 6 Glow Propeller (APC11060)
    • Covering material.