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  • Arising Sun III 46 ARF Trainer

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    Check the flight video using the following link to youtube channel: Aeromodellingtutor

    Key Features: The best and Tough Trainer Aeromodel works well with OS 46 AX II Engine and Propeller and Original Futaba 3003 Servos. The special wing and tailplane build gives excellent glide and hover capability as compared to the Seagull Arising Star and Kyosho Calmato. It also helps while landing at extremely slow speeds. The best advantage is that you can order all spare parts like Fuselage, main wing, tail wing individually at low price in case you break anything. In other ARF's spares are not available therefore it becomes a total loss in case of a rough landing or a crash. The main wing has a rubber band mounting system to minimise damage.

    • Comes 90% prebuilt
    • Covered in quality RhinoLand Ultracoro
    • All hardware is included
    • Engine, Propeller, Servos, battery and switch not included
    • Easy to fly, with great self-righting characteristics
    • Durable and repairable balsa, Ultracoro and plywood construction


    Breaking into the ranks of R/C pilots won’t cost you an arm and a leg with the Arising Star III 46 ARF Trainer. Built from top-quality light balsa and ply and covered with genuine RhinoLand Ultracoro, the Arising star is anything but cheaply made. Assembly takes just a few minutes and all the hardware is installed. When the time comes to fly, the Arising Star’s gentle, self-righting flight characteristics make it easy to master the basics.

    This combination of superb construction, gentle flight characteristics and affordable price make the Arising Star III an outstanding value for money.

     Inexpensive ARF trainers and sport planes are some of the best values around for modelers on a budget. Each kit is constructed from quality materials like light plywood and balsa and covered with genuine RhinoLand Ultracoro


    Experience level Beginner, Intermediate and Advance pilots can enjoy flying this model
    Wingspan 152 cm / 60 in
    Wing area 41.6 sq dm / 645
    Overall length 122 cm / 48 in
    Flying weight 2.3-2.7 kg / 5-6 lb
    Power system Nitro 2-stroke 0.46-0.55 or 4-stroke 0.52 not included
    Radio 4 channels not included
    Servos 5 not included
    CG (Centre of Gravity) 3.5 in back from the leading edge of the wing
    Assembly time (approx.) 2 to 3 hours
    Tax  extra as applicable