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Before you use or charge any lithium battery you must read the Lithium Battery Saftety Instructions and Warnings document.

  1. Do not charge or use batteries if the battery ...
    1. is punctured or damaged
    2. is bloated, expanded, swelling or otherwise deformed
    3. has any cell with a voltage of 3.3v. This means less than 9.9v for a 3-cell/11.1v battery.
  2. Do not charge batteries unattended. Monitor batteries during charging for popping, hissing, smoke, sparks or fire. Also monitor the battery for any swelling or other deformities. Disconnect the battery from your charger immediately.
  3. Never charge a Lithium polymer battery with a charger designed for NiCd, NiMh, or any other type of battery chemistry. Use only the charger designed for LiPo battery.
  4.  Do not leave LiPo battery unattended during charging.
  5. Do not over charge the battery (over 4.20 volt per cell)
  6. Always put the battery on a heat resistant surface while charging.
  7. Always put the battery inside a charging protection container (Lipo Safety Bag) while charging.
  8. Do not allow LiPo cells to overheat at any time. Cells which reach greater than 140 degree f / 60 degree C will usually become damaged and may catch fire.
  9. Do not store Battery near open flame or heater.
  10. Always store Lipo in a secure location away from children.
  11. Always charge the Lipo before first use because Lipos are kept at storage charge and using them without charging may damage permanently. Never over discharge the Lipo blow 3.5 volt per cell as it may damage the Lipo cell permanently.