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  • RC Plane Kit Thunder Tiger Ready 40 Combo

    24,500.00 17,495.00

    This is a factory built model and not a kit. (engine mount / firewall / servo tray / landing gears are pre factory installed)

    All 4 servos are factory installed and engine will come in its original box separately.

    You just need to installed Wings / Rudder / Tail and the Engine. Eliminating almost 80% of building time..

    Volumetric weight - 30Kg (approx) 

    Ready To Solo?

    If you are looking for a durable trainer besides a box-style wooden fuselage, the Ready is the right choice with its full-blow moulded wing and fuselage. 
    High-wing design for fight stability, and superb scale details with panel lines and tail feathers. 

    Easy to build with all comprehensive hardware and beautiful decals. 
    The Ready is the ideal choice for the entry-level pilot wishing to build up his skills and confidence-level.


    1.One-piece ABS Blow Moulded Fuselage.
    2. Moulded Main Wing w/Hinge Pre-joined and Foam Inserted
    3. All Comprehensive Hardware and Decals Included 
    4. Proven Semi-symmetrical Aerofoil with Aerobatic Potential 


    Wing Span- 61.75"
    Length- 47"
    Wing Area- 605
    Weight- 2.8kg

    Items Included in this combo

    Ready 40 Kit

    Engine Pro .46 Thunder Tiger
    Servos x 4
     pcs Ace RC S1903

    Prop 2 pcs.

    Spinner 1 pcs.
    Fuel pipe- 1 metre